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Support for AB 2663 Property taxation: change in ownership: exclusion: local registered domestic partners

Text of my testimony in support of AB 2663, April 2, 2018, Revenue and Taxation Committee, Sacramento:

Good afternoon Chair Burke and Committee Members.  My name is Christina Wynn and I am the Assessor of Sacramento County.  I am here today in support of AB 2663 and to speak on behalf of my colleague, Assessor Jeff Prang of Los Angeles County, the sponsor of this bill.  Also joining in sponsorship of this legislation is Assessor Carmen Chu of San Francisco.

The Problem: For domestic partners who registered with a local jurisdiction-and not the state-they are not able to utilize the exclusion from reassessment of their property, based upon a change in ownership. For some local registered partners, their property was revalued, resulting in an increase in property taxes. Assessors lack authority to reverse the increase in value and there is no recourse to provide a refund of the overpayment that occurred as a result of the reassessment.

The Solution: AB 2663 creates local domestic partnerships and grants to those partners the same exclusion from a change in ownership as that provided to state-registered domestic partners and to married couples. This is a matter of equality and fairness, to assure that local registered domestic partners have the same access to the exclusion from a change in ownership and to seek a reversal of the reassessment.

The bill passed as amended and has been re-referred to the Appropriations Committee.



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